Clean Homes,
Clean Planet

A Clean Commitment
from 30 SECONDS®

For over 30 years, 30 SECONDS® have been committed to providing New Zealand’s most efficient cleaning products. Now, to keep our dream going for the next 30 years, we have made a commitment to sustainable growth both economically and environmentally.

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Sustainable Future

As a product that is proudly made in New Zealand, we have a strong appreciation for our beautiful country and are dedicated to keeping it that way.

From our operations to our packaging, we’re constantly looking at ways to reduce our impact on our home, and yours. This includes reducing our business waste wherever possible, choosing to work with other companies who share our passion for the environment, and looking to source environmentally responsible raw materials where appropriate.

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Sustainability Certification

30 SECONDS® is known to be effective, affordable, innovative and convenient, and now, we’re proud to add sustainable to that list.

30 SECONDS® is a Toitū Net CarbonZero certified business. In our manufacturing facility, every aspect of how we operate has been measured and meets the requirements of ISO 14064-1:2006. This means that as a business, we have taken steps to manage and reduce our emissions, and have neutralised remaining unavoidable emissions through the purchase of carbon credits.

And just as we’re committed to providing the very best cleaning products, we’re committed to continuing to improve our sustainability practices.

For more information, take a look at the Toitū Website.

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The 30 SECONDS® board have mandated that our manufacturing facility will be Toitū Enviromark Accredited by the following milestones:

2024 – Toitū Enviromark Bronze
2026 – Toitū Enviromark Gold